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6 benefits of YouTube advertising that you can’t ignore

Using every chance to get your products and services in front of your target audience is paramount to great marketing.
Although you might already be the owner of a stunning website, use search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, there is still a treasure trove of benefits that you can reap from YouTube advertising.

6 benefits of YouTube advertising that you can’t ignore:

1. YouTube advertising is cost-effective

If you’re familiar with PPC advertising, you know that it’s an extremely cost-effective strategy. If you’re not familiar with PPC, it’s easy to understand why it’s lucrative — you only pay when someone clicks your ad.
Not only that, but you choose exactly how much you’re willing to pay when someone clicks.

2. YouTube advertising is highly targeted

Granular targeting is crucial for a successful campaign, and YouTube ads allow you to get extremely detailed when it comes to targeting the exact audience that you want to reach.
You can target your audience by:
· Demographics
· Topics
· Customer Match
· Similar Audiences
· Video remarketing
· Affinity audience
· Custom affinity audience
· In-market audience
· Life events

3. YouTube advertising with video helps you connect with your audience

Do you feel more connected with a brand after watching a commercial or seeing an insert in your local paper?
Most would say they felt more connected after watching a commercial since they get to see a brand in action. They get to connect with the faces that represent the brand, better understand their attitude as a company, and see how a product or service works.
Not only that, but YouTube video ads allow you to truly connect with your audience by turning the camera on yourself.

4. YouTube advertising metrics are easy to measure

If you don’t measure the success of any marketing campaign, you’re wasting your time running it. Without knowing how a campaign performs, you won’t have insight into how you could improve.
That said, it’s crucial that you analyze your YouTube advertising campaign — and the platform makes it easy to do so.

5. YouTube advertising provides fast results

Since YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, it’s easy to understand why you’ll see such fast results.
Getting your ads in front of more people means you’ll get more ad clicks, website traffic, and sales over time.

6. YouTube advertising puts you in front of billions

Consider the difference in passing out flyers to passers-by at your local storefront in a small town. You might be lucky to hand out 20 flyers in an afternoon — simply because there aren’t a lot of people that pass your store.
YouTube creates an opportunity for small businesses and enterprise businesses alike to reach more interested users than ever before — simply because it offers such a giant user base.

That’s all for this blog. Let us know about other benefits that you think YouTube has.

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