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SkyWalk is a London-based web design agency specializing in crafting stunning, professional, responsive, and high-speed websites that resonate with both you and your customers, seamlessly adapting to their phones and computers.

Why work with a web design agency?

In an exceedingly digital landscape, standing apart from the competition is more important than ever. Your digital footprint serves as the lifeline for existing customers to know what you’re up to, remember your brand, and look for you in other marketing channels – and for new customers to find you.

SkyWalk’s in-house team of UX and web designers craft website designs that are not only beautiful, representing your brand in the most effective way, but also functional, following guidelines and best practices for usabilityaccessibility, and SEO. We take into account the growing trend of online searches by designing with a mobile-first approach.

Our team keeps in mind the longevity and functionality of your website well past the design, copy, and development phase. An expertly designed website functions as the centerpiece of all future marketing efforts – as a team of marketing experts across SEOsocial media, and paid advertising, our teams collaborate to set you up for success from the moment you join the kickoff call.

Plus, we offer high-function, proprietary templated web designs in addition to fully customized web design services – check out our Sydney and Sawyer theme showcases!

Web design services that drive your business forward.

A professional web design agency understands the balance between designing a website that represents your company in an engaging, conversion-motivating way for users, without sacrificing speed, usability, and search engine visibility in the process.

SkyWalk’s team is intimately familiar with the concepts and best practices of UX, accessibility, SEO, customizations, and third-party integrations as they relate to web design. This expertise allows us to design with the foresight necessary to ensure long-term functionality for your website, especially when it comes to expanding your marketing funnel to include additional channels.

An experienced web design company keeps all of these factors top of mind throughout the entire web process:

  • Kickoff call: During project kickoff, our team hops on a call with you to get an in-depth look at your offering, your business goals, and your brand. At this initial meeting, we begin to connect the dots between your organization and how we can strengthen it through web design.
  • Sitemap design: In addition to accurately communicating how your business operates, your sitemap must be easily understood by both users and Google – our web designers collaborate with development and SEO teams to confirm a sitemap that achieves all three of these goals.
  • Style guide and homepage design: A website style guide sets the foundation for the fonts, heading styles, colors, button styles, and more. Creating the style guide before or simultaneously with the homepage design is the best way to maintain a clean, consistent design style.
  • Pillar page design: Upon your approval of the homepage, our web designers move onto designing the remaining pages of your site, continuing to stick to the approved style guide and industry best practices.
  • Imagery selection: When it comes to selecting imagery, our web designers pay attention to web copy, imagery styles, and media file size. This allows us to work within SEO guidelines for imagery, as well as matching the imagery to website content.
  • Web design QA: The final web design stage is Quality Assurance (QA). Web designers look through the developed staging site and verify that all design elements were translated correctly.

Web design for SEO.

 Ensuring that web design meets all SEO standards lays the groundwork for search engine visibility, as well as shifting focus to content, metadata, and technical optimizations post-launch, rather than focusing on redesigning pages to be more SEO-friendly.

SkyWalk is a web design company that specializes in finding the sweet spot between SEO, UX, brand, and accessibility with templated and custom web designs.

Design for usability and conversions.

In addition to following Google’s standards, SkyWalk’s web design services stay within parameters that maximize usability for everyday users. We leverage design and UX best practices to design, write, and develop websites that prioritize the user journey to the ultimate goal – conversion and entrance into your lead funnel.

  • Navigation structure: determining the ideal navigation for your website requires an understanding of your business’ structure, the services you offer, and how customers interact with you. Our design team collaborates with SEOs and copywriters to lay out the optimal navigation for your site.
  • Sitemap architecture: similar to navigation structure, sitemap architecture is about carrying a user-friendly, easily understandable format throughout your website (not just the top nav).
  • Visual hierarchy: this refers to the structure of each page, and how it communicates written website copy to a user. In essence, the user must be able to follow the story each page tells, both through the design of the page and the content on it.
  • Buttons and usability: buttons don’t just need to follow the style guide – they also have to lead to expected and useful pages, recognizable (the user must understand that it’s a button), and have a click area that is suitable for a variety of users across devices.
  • Responsiveness: responsiveness refers to the website’s ability to adapt to the user’s environment – things like screen size, platform, and orientation.

Design for minimal maintenance.

Much attention is paid to your website design during the project, but what about post-launch?

SkyWalk’s web design services ensure that even if you choose to not invest in our Website Hosting & Support services after launch, that you will be able to make any necessary changes without throwing off any single element, breaking links, or creating other errors.


Work with an expert web development company.

SkyWalk is a web design agency with a seamless process, backed by years of experience, that results in highly functional, usable, and WCAG-compliant websites. We have designed stunning websites for businesses just like yours in a variety of industries – we’d love to help you with your web design project.

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